Welcome to my blog!

I have been teaching Maths more than 18 years! After teaching for such a long time, I’m ready for more challenges.

I strongly believe in the old adage that practice makes perfect when it comes to Maths. And that is where this blog comes in. With this blog, I hope to provide parents, teachers and students some Maths material. I will try to post worksheets with answers, but if you need more detailed solutions and if I have made any mistakes, do let me know.

I’ll regularly post more practices so hopefully, in time, you can save some money on books. I am so grateful to my students, their parents and some of you readers for giving me all their used exam papers and assessment books, it’s never enough! So keep sending me your kids’ and students’ exam papers. I’ll put them to good use.

Keep your comments coming!

You can also contact me for tuition classes. For more information, email me at: ange@talkingmaths.com

G 🙂